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There are angels in our lives.  They share messages of comfort, spirituality and inspiration with peaceful and quiet elegance. Each handcrafted angel figurine, photo frame, cross or Christmas tree ornament conveys the message of love and hope.

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Hold You In Heaven Sympathy Angel by Enesco Foundations
  • $45.99
Willow Tree With Affection Angel
  • $29.99
Guardian Angel Glow in the Dark Pocket Token Charm
  • $4.99
Light Up Gold Swirling Water Glitter Angel Figurine 13"
  • $59.99
Angel of Friendship Charm Token
  • $3.99
Angel of the Spirit Willow Tree Figurine
  • $29.99
Joanne Eschrich Grace of God Healing Angel Figurine
  • $29.99
Joanne Eschrich Best to Come New Beginnings Angel Figurine
  • $29.99
Mother's Love is Forever Angel Water Globe
  • $49.99
Colors of Faith Angel Token Charm
  • $3.99


Hallmark 2023 Christmas Angels Good Cheer Ornament
  • $24.99
  • $14.99
Bless Your Retirement Angel Mini Figurine by Enesco Foundations
  • $19.99
A Friend is a Blessing Angel Figurine 7.5"
  • $32.99
Always and Forever Angel Holding Butterfly
  • $29.99
Willow Tree Angel of Friendship
  • $29.99
Always in Your Heart Walk Beside Us Guardian Angel Token Charm with Hook
  • $4.99
Alexa's Angels Always By My Side Original Bedside Angel Figurine
  • $10.99
I Love Her She's My Aunt Angel Figurine Holding Flower
  • $12.99